Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Price of Love. ( From The Document of Affections)

The price of freedom is always high
The price of love is always high

Tomorrow on…
To fell—and to yet love

I will always love him

I will always want to hold him
Ah, but if I could have but a kiss!

But I will always love him

I have become a stumbling block to him

I love him…but I tire of upholding all my gemstones. The ones of whom I see are the ones whom there perception of me that I question.

Rightly so…

For one was asked when I asked him
One was talked to quite religiously,
When I begged to talked for hem to talk to me

Do I dare keep a score of wrongs?

Is this Love?

Can I afford to forget?

Can I still love hem?

This terrible time of testing!
How much my heart yearns for peace!

How much has he changed me.
For on his rejection of me I have found freedom
Yet I will still love hem.

He whispers in my ear…
I smile, my heart gasps.
Will I be the only one to embrace hem?

Is this the price?
Copyright 2004

Friday, September 3, 2010

A poem of Love. ( From The Document of Affections.)

A Poem of Love.

How much I love him!
He peeks my curiosity like none else can.
Is this puppy love?
I hope not!
I am too old for such things.
But it would be nice to relive my teenage years just once!

Just once would I want to have that nervous felling in the pit of my stomach when I see him in the hallway.
Just for once would I like to do anything to just get a glance from him!
Just Once!!
Just once would I like to dream about him!
Just once would I like to stammer the words ‘ S-so..would you l-like to go out and-uh...see a movie’?

This is a poem of love…or a poem of foolishness?...

copyright Apirl 04

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Granted. ( from The Document of Affections)


If I could be granted a few things before I die.

Let me kiss your bare shoulder, and fell your skin.

Let my striving be summed up in those three words…

copyright 2003