Friday, January 6, 2017


(This poem was inspired from a Shape Note song called Babylon is Fallen) 11-8-2016 Hail this day so long expected, Hail this year of full release. Trump's walls shall now be erected, And his watchmen publish peace? Through the Shiloh’s wide dominion, Hear this American loudly roar, Clinton is fallen, is fallen, 'tis fallen. Clinton is fallen she'll rise no more!! All of Wall Street stands with wonder, 'What is this that has come to pass?!' All her followers in gold clad sandals Crying, “Oh alas, alas.” The hidden thunder sounds so distantly Hiding Swifted Doom for sure The Queen has lost the kingdom she sought so feverishly, Clanging on the distant shore... Swell the sound, ye kings and nobles, Say your with her to the end. Priest and people, rich and poor; Has rejected her corrupted sins. The House of Clinton is fallen!!. The House of Clinton will rise no more. Blow the trumpet in Mount Zion, Christ may come a second time; Ruling with a rod of iron All who now as foes combine. Wall Streets garments we’ve rejected, And our fellowship is o’er, Clinton is fallen,shes is fallen, shes fallen Clinton to rise no more. The House of Clinton is no more.