Tuesday, July 7, 2009

To A Man Who Has Loved. (From the Document of Affections)

To a Man who has Loved?
To a man who has loved.
To a man who will love.
What a blessed thought!
What a keen mind!!
Whose shoulder that I tap so gently.... To the hand that cresses my neck.
Share a thought?
sharing thoughts, a whisper?....and a breath.
Blissful thought! Spare.... but punish me!
I see you in that day! That night In the corner of the doorway!
To a man who has loved...
Ah to have loved good things!
Be content !!!
You are beside me!...
To my right?...
To my left?.....
You are above me, you are never below me.
To a man who has loved!
In the light?... In the dark?.....
On high noon,... On a full moon. To someone who will love . Can they...How much more?...
Can there be any less?
To a man who has loved..... and to someone who will love?
Copyright 2000

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