Monday, February 16, 2009

On Turning 30.

A score of years and one decade is all that makes up this number.
The number in and of itself is meaningless.
For what was done in those years is of great import!
??......What was done?
One could live a long and filling life at this age and die content.
Or one could wake up at the age of 30 woes eyes are just starting to open…Can he die in peace?The dumb can become wise, But what about the one who has a small bit of wisdom? What of him at this age?
Can more wisdom yet be gained?
Happy is the person who turns this age and who is awake!
Good shall be his reward!
Dear Reader I am that score and decade old,
I have not called myself wise, That is from the mouths of others.
Living in the now,
I have no concern as to what will become of me when the sun rises over distant days unknown to me.
In the now, there is no need for such concern.
On turning 30 that age can mean a lot…30 years of jail…30 years of freedom.
Turning 30 can mean a lot,
But it can also mean nothing!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Remember what was and what could have been.
If by chance you ever think of me one fact should come to pass...
That I loved you dearly.
And paid that price…I forgot to count the cost!
In your searching eyes
In your long fingers….In your voice….
If by chance you think of me one fact should come to pass though your mind.
That I will remember you!
Dear God! Let me not forget what was taught to me!
Let me count the cost!
In baffled fellings, in crushed hopes, but in new dawns.
This is the ending of this chapter, things will pass away.
It never came to being!... how foolish my heart was!
Ah!! My longing eyes!
My empty hands!
My silent voice!
Be Gone!
Be gone my heart!
Remember me Dear One.
For I loved you!
Think of it!... How rare that saying is!
I’ll remember you when you have gone away…you to....Remember Me.
Copyright © 2005 Robert Hughes III. All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Debriefing...

The debriefing 1…
This is a REFLECTION on my first assignment, the Literacy Narrative
I liked this assignment! I found it enjoyable to go back and to put to writing my personnel feelings about literacy and reading. I work that I’m handing in is a work in progress..the one thing that I need the most in this class in personnel commitment , and the total willingness to see all the writings that I’m engaged in to see them though completion. I do not know if I should expand on this and use it in my portfolio or not. I might use the theme from this paper in an upcoming assignment.
One of the problems that I have with writing assignments in general is the notion of the required amount of pages that one has to write in order to satisfy said English professor, sometimes I only have a short amount to write with and I fell that if I write anymore I’m just B.S.’ ing , but this may not be the time to bring this up so I’ll drop this for now!
If I had to give myself a grade I would say that I would have a D+ maybe C-.