Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Debriefing...

The debriefing 1…
This is a REFLECTION on my first assignment, the Literacy Narrative
I liked this assignment! I found it enjoyable to go back and to put to writing my personnel feelings about literacy and reading. I work that I’m handing in is a work in progress..the one thing that I need the most in this class in personnel commitment , and the total willingness to see all the writings that I’m engaged in to see them though completion. I do not know if I should expand on this and use it in my portfolio or not. I might use the theme from this paper in an upcoming assignment.
One of the problems that I have with writing assignments in general is the notion of the required amount of pages that one has to write in order to satisfy said English professor, sometimes I only have a short amount to write with and I fell that if I write anymore I’m just B.S.’ ing , but this may not be the time to bring this up so I’ll drop this for now!
If I had to give myself a grade I would say that I would have a D+ maybe C-.


  1. No, I think this is the perfect time to bring that up. Maybe we should talk about required assignment lengths in class. Valuable input!

  2. Good point. I feel as if length can sometimes be an issue because your mind is focused completely on making that cut off. I usually have no problem, but I still have that 3-5 hanging over my head. However, shortening our assignments wont make us better writers!

  3. Hey! I saw you in the opera on Saturday. Bravo on a good performance! :D