Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Remember what was and what could have been.
If by chance you ever think of me one fact should come to pass...
That I loved you dearly.
And paid that price…I forgot to count the cost!
In your searching eyes
In your long fingers….In your voice….
If by chance you think of me one fact should come to pass though your mind.
That I will remember you!
Dear God! Let me not forget what was taught to me!
Let me count the cost!
In baffled fellings, in crushed hopes, but in new dawns.
This is the ending of this chapter, things will pass away.
It never came to being!... how foolish my heart was!
Ah!! My longing eyes!
My empty hands!
My silent voice!
Be Gone!
Be gone my heart!
Remember me Dear One.
For I loved you!
Think of it!... How rare that saying is!
I’ll remember you when you have gone away…you to....Remember Me.
Copyright © 2005 Robert Hughes III. All Rights Reserved


  1. This is my first posted poem..this will be the first of many I'll start in ernest after my English class is done..or maybe during it I dont know yet.

  2. This is quite a passionate plea for remembrance, Robert . . . and it's sad, too. In that good poetry-way. :-)
    When did you write this?

    1. I wrote this poem a few years back after the guy that I wrote about in my first posting of this blog. Left Ball State and married.

  3. make sure you get this is good. Save it, and create a "folder" of all your works, and make sure that your Observation paper is in there. :P