Monday, February 16, 2009

On Turning 30.

A score of years and one decade is all that makes up this number.
The number in and of itself is meaningless.
For what was done in those years is of great import!
??......What was done?
One could live a long and filling life at this age and die content.
Or one could wake up at the age of 30 woes eyes are just starting to open…Can he die in peace?The dumb can become wise, But what about the one who has a small bit of wisdom? What of him at this age?
Can more wisdom yet be gained?
Happy is the person who turns this age and who is awake!
Good shall be his reward!
Dear Reader I am that score and decade old,
I have not called myself wise, That is from the mouths of others.
Living in the now,
I have no concern as to what will become of me when the sun rises over distant days unknown to me.
In the now, there is no need for such concern.
On turning 30 that age can mean a lot…30 years of jail…30 years of freedom.
Turning 30 can mean a lot,
But it can also mean nothing!

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