Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Mission ( Part IV)


No ill will towards none…

To the one whom I have known
To the one whom I’m proud to have
May the Father richly bless you forever more!
But to the one who said that I’m no longer needed in that persons life, I thank you!
For saying that—no matter how painful that may be low and behold you have given me a gift to grow on my dependence on the Lord.
Yes I have known you.
Shall we part ways forever more? What good things shall be in store for us?
As my path progresses God puts people in this life that I would want to hang on to. But see! I am not afraid anymore!
But hear me my friend, I’m human and loneness should not be my ultimate companion on this new path that I’m on. There are no old comforts hear anymore.
I must walk unmasked, with no defense I can put up. For no longer can I fight!
Why try to win what I cannot win?
That is madness.
So what difference does it make for me to hold on to what I never really had?
To what end will it bring me?
Aug 20, 1997


In death of life and in life of life, the Long—Wonder traveled along. Dark paths he wondered to places where he did not want to go. But along his death march he never traveled really alone, for there I was in spirit, and the truth was told, to me and to him by that spirit of old.
Old in body he will never be, for he is trapped in the rigor of youth. He is now free.
My eyes I have seen him one more time and the life that I knew as was once in his eyes,
Oh precious thought!
Oh wonderful opportunity!
How grand your gift was to me.
Long—Wonders staff has been passed on to me. Roads I have traveled and will travel abound ‘round me.
In your hands oh Lord he now resides, the life he had will never pass by. For his life—like Light around me shines casting darkness away from the mountainside.
And there I shall pass, let peace abide for the staff of Long—Wonderer shall be my guide!
Go in peace my friend for your troubles shall be no more. Rest in peace on that other shore, and the Light shall shine around you forever more!

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