Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Mission (Part 1)

Hello all...this is a large work that is a work in progress. This work is about my time in Muncie Mission and my relationships I had with people and how it affected my and my views about myself and about my reglious bliefs. All copyrights observered.

The Mission.
(My Transformation)

Part One

Jason Thomas Long

March 15, 1976---November 10, 2006
My friend in life and in death.

I do believe in one GOD.
Father almighty, lord of the earth.
I believe in Jesus God’s son and my savior.
He came into this world, born in a lowly place.
Lived a humble life.
The sheapard was killed for his beliefs—he hung on a cross. The earth shook, and the curtain was ripped in the most holy of holies.
He walked among us, he rose up into heaven. And sits at the right hand of god.
He is love incarnate.


In my eyes and in my writings, you shall be called the Long-Wonderer
For you wonder in places where no one wants to go. His staff be with you, let it be your own.

May 1, 1996

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