Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Mission (part II)

The Seeker Found.

Behold! I tell you a mystery.
The seeker who walked in this place, has he seen the Light?
Is it possible?

For what the Seeker sought was the things of this world.
They, in and of themselves are meaningless.

Has he grown tired of chasing after the wind?
I have looked at hem now for four weeks, and there is change.

He sings a new song now, but I can not recognize. What does it say? Of tales to come or adventurous chapters gone by?

Yes Lord he has sung me some of his songs; they are old and fret with troubles. Of foolish youth was he! But youth is still with him now.
But what shall become of hem?
Is the wisdom that he has so far gained in this world—will it prove to him meaningless?
If the old shall pass away, and new things come, then what shall become of the things he has learned over his short life?

He is still young, as I have said before; his mind not yet reached its zenith. I rejoice in that fact, because he still has a chance.

The Seeker shall leave this place for good soon. Will his friendship also abandon me to?

He did not seek me along his path, I sought him. That I must accept that bitter fact.

If he cannot accept my cup, if he deems himself too high above me, then I will accept that. But let it be known that I have long since accepted him.
With all this laid out before me.
Can it be said that maybe he has accepted my friendship in his own ways? In ways that I cannot understand?
Does this possible fact give me hope?

The Seeker seeks all good things.
But found what he thought was good, but it nearly destroyed him.

What does he seek now?
Will he try? Does he have am option?
Is there a choice?

To what he seeks—I seek. Do we both have the wisdom to recognize what is good?
His goals are of an just and honorable kind…his goals are mine!
Do we have the will to see them though? Or will we in our frustration take another path that will lead us off a cliff?

Who has wisdom here? Who seeks it? Or will the hunger for domation turn us away?

He will leave me now, perhaps to never cross paths again. If this must be so—then let it be. And I with a sad heart will accept it.

And with my mouth I will utter this words to whom I have called to Seeker…

I have called you the Long—Wonderer, so you can roam free. You are on a journey as well as me!
Seek to live life wholly and wholesomely.
Stray not from your path to seek Love. Seek the company of good friends.
Wonder long and wonder far but don’t forget who your friends really are! Give praise for the One who has put you on your path, seek and hold on to that love at last!

Oh Lord Forever guide the Seeker’s hand in life. Give him—my friend strength everlasting.

June 28, July 18, 1996

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