Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Long-Wonders Lamentations of Joy.
( Part II to Jason’s Prayer, The Ending )

Self Worth?

Who have I found Lord?
Day… by day, by day creeps though this place. To the last second of recorded time.
Shall this flame be put out?
Are you the poor player? Who struts and frets upon this stage for a brief time and is then no more?

Do you have the power to gage your own self-worth?
What whispers have you been lesasing to?
Are they in the past or the present?
Do you have the power to let go?...
Do you want to?...

Uplift the One who has given you the power to change.

Who are you running from?
What are you running from?
Do not turn your heart from the words that you hear.
Understanding dwells within your own!

Do you walk on the streets only to have people laugh at you?
Will they say ‘look at yourself! You’re an embarrassment to me! Go away!’ With their tongues’ as wedges they separate themselves from you.

What will you say my friend?
Will you reject there words and toss them acrimoniously back in their faces?
Had you had done that then you would have done an ugly thing indeed.
My eyes are attuned for seeing things that other people do not see.

Oh what sights I see!
What can be more alluring than an early morning rose?
What can be mightier than the great redwood trees of old?
Can the sea mold a beach to its own liking?
Of course it can.
Can a caterpillar change into a butterfly?

By myself I cannot make you fell beautiful alone.
In my book there are many meanings to that word.

What can you change about yourself?
Brown eyes to blue?
Six feet to seven feet?
Two hundered pounds of muscle?
Hair blond or brown, to black or black to chestnut?
Square chin or round face?

You’re chasing after something that will never give you satisfaction.

You carry more glory then the redwood trees!
You’re more pleasant then the finest rose.
You as capable of change like the power of the seas!
You can go though changes like the butterfly.
You have the power of the Light behind you!

A mystery is laid before you.
Are gloom y clouds and darkness around you?
Do you put a veil over your sight?
Can you not see?

Were you scorned early in your life?
Can you not hear?
Hear not of those old words, but hear the Truth of the Word…and of me.
Do you have the strength to focus on the Truth?
Surly you know the truth?
Will you allow it to set you free?...

‘Lament Long-Wonderer cry out you pain to me
For in me is rest’ says the Lord.

What is pain without growth, and what is growth without pain?
Lament on the fact that you are in pain, but put it to good use. For pain is good.

Fear you must have in great abundance, because I scence them, but I do not know them.

And what do you fear?
Of the risk we take for loves sake?
Hear me forever more utter these words.
‘For as the sun sets in the west, I shall never betray you.’
I will call to your attention anything that is harmful to you when I can see it.
You were despised and a man full of grief. You in the morning of our lives.
Cry out the fact that the load that we carry is heavy.
But relief is long in the waiting.
And joy comes….

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