Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Mission (Part III)

Jason’s Prayer Part I
Oh Lord lend me your ear to my complaint.
My Lord, my God what can be mightier then thee?
I ask you—the one who made the seas, lifted up the mountains. The one who made all things Lord, surly you know what goes on in this heart!

Vanish before me oh shades of depression!
Come before me oh good thoughts!
Be content.
Be content in the loving arms of your God
For He draws near to give you comfort everlasting.

My Lord, my Sovereign God
Master of all things; grant me the power to bind up the darkness and to cast them forever away from me!

Be resolute and strong!
Let not self-doubt build a fortress within my heart.
If my body grows tired, then I will rest.
So will I rest in the Lord my God?...

Letting Go.
To you Lord my Sovereign do I comment them to your loving arms.
I think it is only fitting that I should let it go.
Do I curse them?
I humbly bless them!
Let them find companionship in one another.
For this heart once filled with bitterness and envy fills now with understanding.
I do thank you Lord.
I am sorry that my ways have been intrusive, for I was filled with overt concern

Is it too much to proclaim myself a human?
The storms of curiosity sweeps me!
And the bitter dryness of loneliness parches me!
Do I long for a cup?
Does my heart pants?
My soul will not wither on the vine for I know my God fills me with living waters
But should a servant of God go forever on a lonely road?
No he should not!
So therefore I cast them away from me—wishing them well and with scant pantaice I will wait for my friend to come.
Oh Lord let them forever go peacefully into your good ways. Let them build one another up, and not teare themselves down.
But I know my Lord that you are my Supreme Builder.
Who can make a monument to themselves?
Even the lowest creature on earth rises above it!
For haughty and vain man is!
What man of evil can dine on thy table?
For that man must take off his coat and shoes and sit in the last chair if he may dare deem himself worthy to sit in your presence
How lovely is your dwelling place oh Lord! For you make light out of dark spaces. Just as you raise what was once weak in me you make it strong.

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